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2011 Lifehack Reader Survey Results

This past Monday, we debuted two reader surveys as part of our continuing efforts to make the best that it can be. You guys maxxed out the number of responses the long form survey could handle in under two hours, and it wasn’t much longer after that when you maxxed out the short form survey as well. You guys had a lot to say, and we’ve spent the last couple of days tabulating data, reading over your comments, and planning a revamped editorial calendar.

We wanted your feedback because we want to tailor the site to your needs, and gauge how happy you are with the current types of content we provide. And overall, you guys seem to be really happy! But you also provided us with tons of great feedback about changes you’d like to see at Lifehack, both in terms of content and site design.

Here’s a smattering of the most important and interesting results.

About 50% of our readers are aged between 25-34.

81% of our readers are between the ages of 25 and 50.

72.9% of our readers are male, 27.1% are female.

75% of our readers have no children living at home.

63.3% of readers visit Lifehack between 5-8+ times per week.

57% of readers use a Windows OS.

33% are Mac users.

10% use Linux.

Somewhat surprisingly, we also found that 35% of our readers do not own a smartphone.

Not one respondent to our reader survey said that they were unsatisfied with the site, with almost 3/4 of you classifying yourselves as “extremely satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Lifehack.

Obviously, that’s just a few tiny bits of info, not the full spectrum of results. We collected a lot of other data as well, and we’ll be making some changes in the coming weeks to better serve your requests for specific types of content, post frequency, and other concerns that you brought up on your survey responses.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We really appreciate it, and we’ll be working hard to keep you, our loyal readers, happy with the content featured at Lifehack.

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