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Do You Want to Get Higher Grades? These Tools Will Help!

Is there are student who doesn’t want to improve their grades with minimum effort? Even those who don’t take their studies seriously would like to see a higher GPA at the end of a term. Needless to say, everyone can improve their academic record with lots of studying and writing an endless number of papers, but you are surely not interested in getting more cliché advice.

By implementing the tools listed below into your daily schedule, you will achieve greater academic success with less effort. All websites and tools in the list are easy to use, and they have been proven effective for students who tried them out.

1. Evernote

Of course our list had to start with Evernote. With the help of this tool, you will never forget an important piece of information again. You can take notes in different forms, such as audio clips or typed notes that you take while your professors are providing important instructions, snapshots of the whiteboard (think of all that mechanical writing you will spare yourself from), online clips, and more.

You can easily organize your notes and search through them whenever you need to find an answer to a question your professor asks during a lecture. You can use Evernote on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

2. Google+ Hangouts

The conventional concept of a study group may cause yawning, but online study groups are much cooler and more effective than you would expect. You can organize an online meeting with a group of students and use that time to synchronize your notes and join forces to study. Google+ Hangouts are also a great tool for team projects. Instead of meeting at the library or a cafe, you can feel relaxed in your home while collaborating with your teammates online.

3. Livemocha

This is the best destination for learning languages online. If you are taking classes in French, Spanish, or any other language, you would surely like to test your skills by communicating with a native speaker. Instead of organizing a frantic endeavor to find a native speaker around campus, you can expand your connections through Livemocha and get feedback by natives within minutes.

In addition, the website also offers language learning exercises that will help you improve your writing and listening skills.

4. Studyblue

Flashcards are so underestimated by the cool kids. They are not only for nerds who want to spend their entire days creating studying materials. With the help of flashcards, you can remember important facts from your lectures much more easily, since your memory will be enhanced by visual stimuli. Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend too much time preparing them, since Studyblue enables you to create flashcards easily and access them on your mobile device.

You want to get things served to you? No problem; you can access flashcards prepared by other users and get the information you need ready to be memorized.

5. Zotero

When you are working on research papers, case studies, term papers, or any other academic project, one of the most difficult parts is to keep track of all sources you gathered through the research phase. Zotero will help you stay on top of all that information and organize it in a clear manner.

All you need to do is use the tool to save the details related to the citation, and use them to add references when you finish the paper.

6. Essay Eagles

Now that we’ve tackled the painful issue of writing academic papers, it is time to tell you about a great tool that can relieve you from that stress. By using the professional assistance of Essay Eagles, you can rely on the help you need and get all your papers ready for submission. The company has hired graduates from all academic areas, and they are ready to help students complete impressive papers regardless of the assignment’s urgency or complexity.

Getting higher grades is easy when you rely on the right educational tools!

There’s no denial about the fact that the Internet is full of distractions that can make you wonder how your day went away, but there is another side to the coin that students rarely explore. With the right set of educational tools, you will be able to study more and complete better papers in less time. The results will be obvious when your GPA improves.

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