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By Working Faithfully…

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By Working Faithfully…

by working faithfully

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    night my 11-year-old came into my office (9 p.m. to be exact, foreshadow, foreshadow), and said, “Mom, can you please get off the computer and be with me?” I should know better, right? After all, achieving work-life balance is one of the staples of the coaching diet. I turned off the computer and we sat on the couch reading White Fang aloud. I’m not sure which was worse: not being with him, or scaring him to death, but that’s beside the point… I hope. Was there really anything so important that I couldn’t have shut the computer off at say, oh, 5 p.m.? Truly? No.

    So, take a look and ask yourself, “Is this me?”

    You know you’re out of balance when…

    1. Your mail sits unopened for a week and you pay your bills late
    2. You think that the more plates you can spin, the more you can have it all
    3. You keep declining invitations with friends
    4. You can’t remember the last time you talked with your brother
    5. You forget appointments and blow off commitments (like working out, eating healthy)
    6. You stop writing your task lists for the week and fly by the seat of your pants
    7. You haven’t synched your PDA in weeks
    8. You don’t care if you’re not on track with your plan
    9. You can’t remember what’s in your plan
    10. You don’t answer your phone or you’re always on the phone

    10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Regain Your Work-Life Balance

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