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What Would You Do With Two Extra Hours A Day?



The average employee who’s duties include collecting information and researching spends nine hours a week looking for information, that’s two hours a day. This admittedly doesn’t seem like much, but it all adds up:


  • 42% of college grads have not read a book since leaving education.
  • 67% of parents said they don’t spend enough time with their kids.
  • 63% feel they don’t spend enough time with their spouse.
  • 35% said they don’t have time for guests.
  • 60% of employees say they don’t have enough time for hobbies, and another 60% said they didn’t have enough time for themselves in general.
  • 43% showed significant signs of stress.
  • 35% of American workers take a proper lunch break, the other 65% eat at their desk or not at all.
  • 80% of Americans want to publish a book.
  • 54% want to start their own company.
  • Over half wanted to go back to school.
  • Over a quarter said they felt they needed more sleep.
  • Over half said they had not exercised regularly in the last 30 days.

With an extra two hours in your work day, you can combat all of these issues!

How do you recommend we free up those two extra hours?

What You Could Do With An Extra Two Hours. | Domo

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