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Weekly Organizer Worksheet Download


There are several thousand Web sites that will help keep you organized. However, if you prefer to use pen and paper, the Weekly Schedule Task Planner may be just what the doctor ordered. created a one-page paper sheet to help you organize your week. The following is the description from

Weekly View section – The weekly calendar sits on the left hand side of the paper. Each day is a box, with Saturday/Sunday sharing a box. The boxes have a place to write in the date. They also have a set of of boxes that a person can use to write in the corresponding numbers from the todo section. This has helped me assign various todo’s to certain days of the week.

ToDo section – This section is on the upper right hand side of the paper. It is set up so the person can organize his/her todo’s according to roles or categories (thank you Stephen Covey for that idea!). Each role has enough spaces to list five todo’s. The todo’s are given numbers that can be referred to in the weekly view or in the open space below.

Notes | Ideas | Space section – This section is a wide open space on the bottom right hand portion of the page. It is the place where I find myself writing down everything I wrote down on post-it notes or index cards. It is a free-for-all space. I’ve added the letters A-Z down the left hand side of this space in case there’s something you’d like to add and refer back to it in another section.

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