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The Worst Workplace Time-Killers And How To Avoid Them

Few things crush productivity like a detour through Facebook or even checking your email. Procrastination and other workplace distractions are a huge problem, both for the person doing it and businesses at large. In fact, some research points out that this could cost firms $650 billion per year.

For example, 75 percent of people admit to spending upwards of two hours per day just social networking. Another sobering time killer is the dreaded “red tape” that finds its way into everything. Almost ten percent of individuals spend one to two hours per day dealing just with excessive bureaucracy.

You can also use the information presented here to figure out what kind of trap you tend to fall into when it comes to wasting time. If you tend to be a perfectionist and focus on the minutia, you may be a “decisional procrastinator.” Next time, try to split the project or goal into manageable parts and take a risk on certain details. It may lead to something new!

Steve Jobs said it best: “… the most precious resource we all have is time.”


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