The Lazy Geeks Guide To Outsourcing Everything

The Lazy Geeks Guide To Outsourcing Everything

Tired of doing everything yourself? You don't have to. These days, just about everything can be outsourced online so you can focus on the things that really matter -particularly things outside of work, like your family.

Even if you aren't in a position where you can start outsourcing your work due to its complexity or your income level, this guide even has some great tips on outsourcing things like email, social networking, meetings, phone calls, booking travel arrangements and handling other menial tasks using free programs so you can save time without having to spend money on actually hiring someone else to help you with these tasks.

The bottom line is that you don't need to do everything yourself in today's world. Even if you can't have someone help you with the big stuff, an app or two can help shave hours off of your day with menial tasks you'd be handling otherwise.

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    Last Updated on March 31, 2020

    30 Signs You’re a Procrastinator

    30 Signs You’re a Procrastinator

    I’m a master procrastinator, a couch lover and a guy who has been nicknamed “the last minute man” (kids have batman and superman, why can’t I get a name?). Nobody can tell you more about procrastination than I.

    Below I listed 30 habits of procrastinators. If you find yourself having more than seven then a procrastinator is who you are (and that’s not flattering, you gotta do something about it asap!).

    1. You get up late

    You try to be an all-nighter and you delay your important tasks to the early AMs. Finally you end the night with a series of “energizing naps” which stop when you suddenly realize that it’s already the next afternoon and you’re not finished.

    2. Everytime is your bed time

    Like I just stated, you don’t know when to sleep or when you wake up. So you simply sleep when you want to procrastinate. You don’t have a certain time to start working which makes it hard to get anything done.

    3. You are getting addictive

    Eating, drinking or nail biting calms you down for a while when you are nervous and stressed. But you just do it to get away from the boring to do list that you have on your shoulder.

    4. When it’s too hard, you give up

    You’re in love with new beginnings, a new movie to watch, or a new piece of cake to eat. You’re just so stressed that the only way to get out of it is to give up.

    5. You no longer trust yourself

    You never keep a promise, especially to yourself. You know that promises are stronger than you and that you can’t get out of it, so you just stop making them.


    6. You envy hard workers

    You admire how organized hard workers are. You really admire them and you want to be the same but deep inside you believe that you can’t That’s why the more you procrastinate the more you admire hard workers.

    7. Your life is in a predictable loop

    Procrastination became a rooted habit and you can predict your day before it even begins. You know what you can and what you can’t and overcoming your habits is just impossible.

    8. The Last time you hit the gym was 2 decades ago

    With a bad sleeping habit and an addictive/bad eating behavior, getting fit is just a dream.

    You’re good at setting diet plans, but you never implement them.

    9. Your friends always complain

    You’re always late for an appointment, you simply don’t get along with the idea of being on time.

    10. You are always in a hurry

    Because to be early is boring as hell. And hard too.

    11. You have a messy room/workplace

    You only clean when you have an even more boring task to do.


    12. You are easily stressed

    Someone with a messy life must get easily stressed, especially when the idea of not being able to get things done fast become a fundamental belief.

    13. You think “meditation” is a new shampoo

    You’re so stressed that you can’t imagine life without it, relaxation is just an illusion.

    14. Planning is something you can only find in Game Of Thrones

    The number of the uncompleted plans you commit yourself to is bigger than the number of episodes of your favorite show. Planning is something that only happens in movies or in GOT.

    15. And you’re waking up when it comes to deadlines

    The inner voice only screams when you’re running out of time. You only take action when you’re threatened with a “Must do”.

    16. Because it never seems to be late

    You always have enough time. At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.

    17. And you’re one of Bill Gates’ favorites

    You’ve always find yourself in this quote:

    “I will always chose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because, he will find an easy way to do it” – Bill Gates

    18. You enjoy dreaming about the future

    When you don’t know how to motivate yourself to work, your day dreaming becomes an addiction.

    19. It always seems very easy until you do it

    You see people making it and it looks easy but when you try it it’s not. This goes from a body transformation to a business plan. You’re easily excited but never get along with the hard work.

    20. The most boring tasks become sexy

    From grabbing something from supermarket to paying your phone bills, every boring task become enjoyable except the task you procrastinate. Remember your school days.

    21. While the social media is your best friend

    The place where all the fun begins, is where you check your “seven-years-haven’t-seen” friend’s status, and the never-ending notifications from people liking your latest post. You spend more time on facebook than the time you spend to get things done.

    22. As are excuses

    You simply believe you can’t, which is the biggest excuse someone can give.

    23. Your kitchen is where you grab motivation

    You simply can get your butt off to work and you hope food can do it for you. It’s just another excuse to keep away from what scares you or what makes you feel helpless.

    24. You have no weekends

    Because you don’t know when to rest, your nights and days are the same. Weekends are when you work and midweeks is when you rest. You’re far from being organized.


    25. Waking up from “why are you late?” phone calls happens too often

    How many times has your boss called you up for being late and you were sleeping? You know better.

    26. You become a Pepsi man

    Except for Redbull, coffee and tea.

    27. When you love full hours

    You’re in love with full hours. When it’s 7.51 you promise you’ll start at 8.00 and when it’s 8.32 you set the alarm for 9.00.

    28. You’re a “desktop games” fan

    Spider solitaire, Sodoku, bubble shooter, and Packman, all are on your phone or laptop. They’re your work buddies.

    29. If you have a single wish, it is to have more self-discipline.

    You really believe in that.

    30. You are the best at giving advice you never listen to

    You tell people what to do, because you’re a master of research for better ways to get things done, but you never tried them yourself.

    Learn how to stop procrastinating and get things done: What Is Procrastination and How to Stop It (The Complete Guide)

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