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Stop Multitasking - It Makes You Stupid

Dangers of Multitasking
Source: The High Cost of MultitaskingIt might be a bit much, in this day and age to say “Stop multitasking”. But there are some compelling reasons to reduce multitasking as much as possible. To begin, there is a huge economic cost of the constant interruptions that text messages, chat, email and other real-time communications exert on our schedules.  Each interruption of the workflow requires our minds to shift back into gear.  The average person checks his smartphone 150 times a day, so that is a lot of costly time spent getting back into flow. Beyond the economic costs, multitasking makes us stupid.  In fact, it lowers our IQ three times as much as smoking cannibis does.  Two many inputs clog our brains.  This Infographic shows why it is important to turn off distractions as much as possible and focus on just one thing at a time.  
Dangers of Multitasking
Source: The High Cost of Multitasking

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