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Spend Half Your Day Alone to Get More Done

Studies show that most people take 23 minutes to get back their total level of focus after being interrupted. If you’re getting interrupted every half an hour -like many people who work in offices or at home are, then that means you’re only truly focused for no more than fourteen minutes every hour. Obviously, that’s a lot of wasted time, so if you want to get more done, why not try spending half your day alone?

This will mean different things for different people, but if you have your own office, you might try locking the door and only scheduling meetings in the afternoon -hopefully, this will mean you’ll get more done in the morning. Of course, for this really to work well, you might have to convince your co-workers to try spending half of their days alone as well. Otherwise, other employees may distract you, but if you can make an office quiet-time, you might be able to help the whole office get more done.

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