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Small Business Treasure Trove

Written by Chris Brogan
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Becky McCray runs Small Biz Survival, a site dedicated to small businesses, as well as businesses in rural areas and towns. She’s got a huge “best of” post that gives you incredible resources and things to consider, all compiled into one really useful post. Here are some samples:

  • Insurance and the Homebased Business USA Today Small Business Connection Featured Item
  • Blogging: How to position yourself as an expert
  • Simplified Marketing Plans for the Real World Lifehack, Carnival of Entrepreneurship, On the Moneyed Midways and Carnival of the Capitalists Featured Item
  • How to grow word of mouth referrals Carnival of the Capitalists and Carnival of Business Featured Item
  • Sell More by Layering Smallbusiness.com Newswire and Carnival of Entrepreneurship Featured Item
  • Why Rural Small Businesses Will Still Dial Up for a Long Time to Come
  • Making the Decision to Expand Carnival of Entrepreneurship

That’s just me swiping the first handful of offerings from the top of the page. There are obvious crossover articles into what you might do as a software developer, as a startup business, as a person seeking to communicate better. I highly recommend going by this site and checking out all that Becky’s cooking up.

Oh, and she has two great podcasts!

Best of Small Biz Survival – Small Biz Survival

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