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Quick tip: Mouseless browsing in Firefox

In a follow up to his post yesterday about how to navigate Outlook without using the mouse, The Cranking Widgets Blog posted a list of useful keyboard shortcuts to browse the Web using Firefox without using the mouse. The following are the most useful and the most commonly used, in my opinion:

  • Put the Cursor in the Address Bar: Ctrl+L
  • Put the Cursor in the Search Box: Ctrl+K
  • Refresh the Current Page: Ctrl+R
  • Open a New Tab : Ctrl+T
  • Close the current Tab: Ctrl+W
  • Scroll Down one Page: Either hit Page Down or the Spacebar
  • Scroll Up one Page: Either hit Page Up or Shift+Spacebar
  • Hit Ctrl+Enter to open the Hyperlink in a new tab

You can visit The Cranking Widgets Blog for a more complete list. What would you add the list shown above?

Mouseless browsing in Firefox – [The Cranking Widgets Blog]

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