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Memobottle: A Unique Alternative To Reusable Water Bottles

Written by Michael Cheng
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Water bottles are easy to hold in your hand, but difficult to store in a bag. In most cases, it either bulges out of your backpack or ends up getting bent and squished by other things in the bag. Now there’s a new water bottle that can change the way you use and store your favorite beverage.


    The Memobottle is a slender, sleek, rectangular-shaped container designed to fit in most pouches and carry-ons. Taking on the shape of a large book or memo pad, the innovative water bottle takes on 3 sizes: A4, A5 and letter.


      The early bird package for purchasing a Memobottle in its infancy starts at $22AUD. In a world where more than 50 billion plastic bottles are being consumed each year by consumers, that’s a small price to pay. This product isn’t just for the environmentally concerned. Those who want to get the most out of their bag space should consider getting a few of these.


        memobottle – A4, A5 & Letter Reusable Water Bottles | Kickstarter

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