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Managing The 4 Dimensions Of Energy

Can you name four different facets of energy that will get you through your work day? Do you know how you can better manage that energy so you work, and play, better?

Managing The 4 Dimensions Of Energy

President and founder of The Energy Project in New York and a co-author of The Power of Full Engagement Tony Schwartz says the key to productivity is managing your energy, not your time.

The first level is physical. That’s the core energy any human needs to get out of bed in the morning and do what he needs to do. Corporations typically haven’t considered that business-relevant. But if a person doesn’t have sufficient physical energy, there’s no way she can think at her best, manage her emotions effectively and or feel any passion about what she’s doing.

The keys are pretty simple: eating frequently and nutritiously in small portions, working out regularly, sleeping sufficiently and taking at least short breaks every 90 to 120 minutes during the work day. If you’ve got those nailed, you’re in great shape. The problem is that virtually no one we work with does have those nailed.

Is your workplace attuned to those kinds of needs, or are we on that daily grind?

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