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Laziness is just a different kind of Productivity

Laziness is just a different kind of Productivity

If you are truly lazy at heart you may have already had this argument, but just because I want to do something the easy way doesn’t mean I’m lazy.

Being lazy is intuitively seeking out the more efficient way of doing things. Well, at least sometimes.

Scott H Young has a formula: Laziness + Drive = Productivity.

So is laziness a resourceful character trait? What did the ‘busy’ person have to gain from spending so much time on something pointless? Scott talks about a few questions lazy people ask themselves that ‘busy’ people don’t:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why am I doing it this way?
  • What am I trying to get out of this?
  • Is this the best way to get this done?
  • What would happen if I didn’t do it at all?

It’s almost a stigma I’ve found come up in my life, too. Then again, maybe I’m just lazy.

The Laziest Solution Possible – [ScottHYoung]

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