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Keybreeze - Window's Quicksilver?

Keybreeze - Window’s Quicksilver

A Lifehack commenter recently put me onto Keybreeze, a windows command line much like the hyped Quicksilver app for Mac.

I’ve been trying out similar apps and have had issues with most that we covered in Alternatives to Quicksilver post. Keybreeze, however, appears to handle a lot of queries, all in a very small package. Here’s the feature list:

Keybreeze can do more than just opening files and websites. Use macros to automate your every-day computer actions. Macros provide shortcuts by recording your mouse clicks and keystrokes for a certain period of time. You can then type the macro name as a keyword, and Keybreeze will play back your actions automatically. Whenever you find yourself pressing the same buttons or typing the same thing again and again, you can always record a macro to automate your repetitive tasks.

Keybreeze looks to provide a lot of versatility without cramping your computer’s memory. We’ll check back in with this one soon to give you a good run down on what Keybreeze can really do.

Feature List – [Keybreeze]

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