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Use Latest Wearable By Jawbone To Pump Up Your Productivity And Health Levels

2014 has been the year of wearables. There are separate trackers for sleep, fitness and food intake.

Unfortunately, no one wants to wear 5 different types of bracelets and pads just to track their health.

It’s not practical.

The UP24 is the newest release by Jawbone. It features everything you need to track in your life including heart rate, sleeping patterns, number of steps and basic food intake.


The device fits like a small clamp on your wrist. It’s thin and strong enough to wear with your watch. Apart from the actual wearable, the company also designed a unique app to go with the product. It features an easy-to-follow UI and complete customization.


The milestones and sharing features of the app allows you to stay motivated with your friends. Now you don’t have to go through your health journey alone.

This wearable is highly recommended for everyone who is looking for a general tracker.

UP24 by Jawbone | Thegadgetflow

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