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How To Be A Powerful Leader That Everyone Looks Up To

Written by Vinh LY
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  • The shocking truth: everyone can be a powerful leader.
  • You might think you can’t, but you’re wrong–dead wrong.

Understand that the world needs leaders

  • We are made to rule the world around us.
  • When we were babies, we did that effortlessly. All we needed to do was cry. We got fed, we got changed and we got anything we wanted if we cried enough. We were ruling the world.
  • But we were taught to stop doing that. Because in the grown-up world, crying is not enough. Worse, it can be perceived as being weak.
  • So we stopped crying. We started begging. And if that didn’t work, we just stopped asking. Maybe now, we think we shouldn’t be asking for what we want and just be happy with what people give us. Congratulations! We’re now grown-ups (and we’re also sheep-like). We’re all looking for purpose and people who can show us that purpose.
  • Then come the leaders. Notice how they live their visions and vibrate with passion. We want to follow them, and we want to be them. They give us meaning.

Step up to the challenge and decide to be a leader

  • Being a leader seems to be dangerous.
  • The russian proverb says:
  • The tallest blade of grass is first one to be cut by the scythe.
  • So why stick your neck out?
  • Because the world needs leaders. Not leaders by default. People who have decided to be leaders, people who shape the world and create purpose for other people.
  • Don’t be a consumer. Don’t be selfish. Decide right now to be a leader.
  • You are not a blade of grass. You are a human being. You won’t be killed for standing out.
  • Au contraire, people will look up to you.

Create a purpose

  • You need to think BIG. People will follow your vision if it is BIG enough.
  • Do you want to follow somebody who just wants to add a stop sign in the neighborhood or do you want to follow someone who wants to make the neighborhood the safest place on earth?
  • Start by thinking TOO BIG, and inspire people to follow your purpose. Maybe it’ll be just BIG in the end.

Vibrate with passion

  • Live your purpose. Be a leader who communicates with passion. Let it shine through your actions, and people will become drawn to you.
  • Some people will laugh at you. Some will tell you what you’re trying to do is not possible.
  • Let them talk. Your passion is BIGGER than that.
  • Your message will get to those who want to make a difference. They were waiting for you.

Be transparent

  • Don’t have a hidden agenda. Don’t say you want X when you want Y. When the people you try to influence realize that you have other undisclosed interests, you will lose their trust. Trust takes a lot of time to build, and it is very difficult to repair. It is exactly like a mirror–once broken, there’s not much you can do.

Make decisions, and make them fast

  • Don’t be a coward shying away from taking difficult decisions. Life is complicated and there are always major drawbacks to any major decisions. You’ll never have everyone agree with you, and you’ll never have all the information to be absolutely sure.
  • Even though real leaders listen to everyone’s opinion, real leaders decide fast and quickly act on them.
  • Powerful leaders are not the one deciding whether they want sugar or salt in their coffee; they’re the ones risking their life savings to create an amazing startup that will change the world.

Apologize and learn from your mistakes

  • You will make mistakes. That’s for sure. But what’s important is how you deal with it and how you move on.
  • If you’ve let someone down, then apologize sincerely and take FULL responsibility. It’s easy to blame it on somebody or something else (like the bad economy for example), but it takes a real leader to say, “I screwed up, but I’ll make this right”.

Let your acts speak for themselves

  • Don’t brag. It just doesn’t look good. You will notice that people who brag about their education or their long-past achievements are insecure about their current situation.
  • If you act like a real leader, then people will know it and spread the word for you.

Remember you’re nobody without the others

Losers say, “We screwed up,” and “I succeeded.”

Powerful leaders say “I screwed up,” and “We succeeded.”

You have a whole team behind you. If you have success to share, share it to your team, and share it as a team.

Do you think you can be a leader?

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