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Check For Phone Notifications Without Looking At Your Phone

Pushbullet is a great productivity app for students and professionals. It allows you to view phone notifications from your computer screen. You’ll never be disrupted by an irrelevant phone notification ever again.

Want to send files or messages to your friends who are also using Pushbullet? This app lets you do just that. Users can also send files directly to their phone. Now you can get more work done and turn your phone into a productivity tool instead of a distraction.

Getting started is easy. Pushbullet automatically syncs with a highly compatible desktop plugin.

One of the most intriguing features of the app is quick notes. Individuals can easily create reminders and checklists straight from the notification tab on the screen. This is great for those who are having a hard time keeping track of records and to-do lists.

Pushbullet is available for Android users and has been featured on CNet, Droid Life and Android Police.

Pushbullet | Official Pushbullet Website

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