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Can You Catch Productivity?

Can You Catch Productivity?

Like anything, a little influence and encouragement from people can help a lot. Kelly Forrister at DavidCo suggests that, like social ties affecting obesity, productivity could also be affected by the people you’re surrounded with.

I had someone share in a seminar one time that she was proud to say her email inbox was at zero when she walked into my seminar that day. Another participant shot a remark over at her and said, “Well, then you don’t have enough to do.” How sad that someone who stands out as productive, efficient & organized would be the outcast. I would not be surprised if the person at zero unconsciously adapted her behaviors to match the rest of the group’s disorganization rather than the other way around.

Is productivity contagious? – [DavidCo]

If you had a much more productive environment, full of people who enjoyed and reveled in keeping organized, wouldn’t that increase your own levels?

Well what about all those social networks? It’s not the same as having the people around you and in your workplace affecting your productivity, but it could surely put a positive spin on things.

I’ve been looking at a few groups that focus on GTD. It doesn’t look like heaps is going on within some of them, but if ideas are shared I think it’s worth checking out.

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