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Before your break, Prepare your next task

Before your break, Prepare your next task

It’s a simple GTD idea that borrows the idea that any progress on a task is a big step to completion. After finishing a job, just before you head off on your break, why not just start the next one?

As I finished up my previous task and prepared for a break, I logged into the WordPress and pulled up the “Write” page. That way, when I came back from the computer, I knew the first thing that had to be done was to write this post.

Glen at LifeDev mentions that even this small gesture starts makes coming back to the task more productive. You are instantly thrown into the task without the opportunity to dawdle. As you sit away from the task, your brain is thinking about it, preparing. You’ve already begun.

Such a small idea really makes it harder to procrastinate – you may even want to come back from your break sooner.

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