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Are You Creating A Balance?

DailyPlanIt has put together a few interesting links to articles trying to answer this question. Where is your time going and is it balanced the way you want?

This chart, which comes from the American Time Use Survey 2006 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows where time is going for many Americans. Is this something like your day? What would you like to change?

Are You Creating A Balance?

I think there are a lot of systems, such as GTD, around that are attempting to create a balance of what is important in your life. What’s working for you? Do you have enough time for the things you love?

An important part of your week, I think, should be reflecting on what you achieved. What do you want to do more of and what can you decrease your time in? Are you reaching your goals?

Productivity adds up – [DailyPlanIt]

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