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Add A New External Lock Feature On Your Mobile Phone

Tired of losing your phone?

Trying attaching a Pluggy Lock to the device to prevent it from happening again.

A Pluggy Lock is a small metal connector that attaches to a 3.5mm slot. Once securely fastened, the metal piece can be attached to a keychain, necklace, zipper or piece of rope. The possibilities are endless!

The makers throughly tested the mobile accessory, which can withstand a total of 7lbs or 3.2kgs. For those who are fans of taking selfies, the Pluggy Lock can also attach to a stand that can keep your mobile device at the perfect angle.

The metal accessory is compatible with a wide range of digital devices, from mobile phones and music players to tablets and laptops. Pluggy Lock puts a creative spin on security and portability, making it an essential tool for individuals who are always on the go.

Pluggy Lock – Twist and GO! | Kickstarter

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