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8 Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Books

8 Tips To Get Most Out Of Your Books

When reading non-fiction, the focus is on taking in information. So unlike fiction, where you want to immerse yourself in a story, non-fiction reading techniques can be built on so we’re getting the most out of those books.

Donald Latumahina at LifeOptimizer has some tips to help get the most out of your reading. Some of these you may have heard before [in Efficient Reading], but here Donald puts everything into a sequence that you can follow with some new ideas as well.

Create the book map

After reading the whole book, I’d suggest creating a book summary of your own. Creating a book summary helps you internalize the ideas you get.

A book map maps the structure of the entire book. Normally you can just use the table of contents as the book map, but don’t use a very detailed table of contents. The purpose of a book map is to quickly give you a glimpse of the structure of the book. Too much details may distract you from the big picture.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Books – [LifeOptimizer]

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