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44 Apps To Make You Much More Productive

We live in a world of digital distraction. We spend an average of 8 hours and 41 minutes on media devices a day. There’s no doubt that many of us have lost some of our life to social media and other distractions; as a result, we’re become unproductive.

Instead of creating value at work, we create Tweets. Moreover, we rather take lunch breaks at our desks and scroll through Facebook than go out with our coworkers. We’ve lost enough productivity to the point where companies are being created to solve this deadweight loss with innovative technology.

One of the best ways we’ve overcome some of these productivity issues is by utilizing mobile apps. Some of my favorite apps listed in the infographic are RescueTime, Trello, and Focus@will. RescuTime sends me weekly reports on how I use social media, Trello helps manage my work projects, and Focus@will provides the best music to keep my mind on track.

Just with three of the apps listed, I’ve increased my work productivity by a hundred percent, and now, I spend more time accomplishing crucial projects. Consequently, my success is no longer being undermined by professional marketers trying to get a piece of my time. Having several or more of the apps below on your phone can make a world of difference in how you treat each day.No longer are you wasting time unorganized, distracted, and figuring how to put your mind to a task.

Did you know one-quarter of 18-34 year-olds check social media as soon as they wake up? It’s time we live life more productivity. Since most of us won’t throw away our laptops or phones to deal with this problem, let’s utilize the best apps out there to keep our focus on what’s important.

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