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4 Tasks That Don't Belong In Your Task List

4 Tasks That Don’t Belong In Your Task List

Do you have a growing task list of things that never get done? You’ll need to learn to recognize 4 simple items that you shouldn’t bother adding to your lists.

The One-Minute Task.
If your system for tracking tasks has a lot of overhead, you may find yourself spending more time managing a task than the task takes to complete. Enter the task, set its due date and category, fiddle with the color and context, prioritize it, decide where it fits on various lists…and then it only takes 30 seconds to actually file that invoice in the proper folder in the filing cabinet. While you may get a warm fuzzy feeling from checking “completed,” next time just file the invoice without the overhead of creating and managing the task. (You might also consider switching to a tracking system with less overhead).

Another task worth leaving out: Create task list.

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