33 Mind-Bending Paintings That Will Boost Your Creativity

33 Mind-Bending Paintings That Will Boost Your Creativity

Canadian artist Robert Gonsalves has spent decades perfecting his art, which intends to celebrate imagination and twist our perceptions of reality in a single glance. These beautiful, mind-twisting illusions are deep, complex, interesting and cause the viewer to swing between decisions about where the boundaries of realism and fantasy collide and blur.

Gonsalves’ interest in art began when he was just 12 years old, when he began to experiment with how many different themes and layers he could combine into his pictures. As I’m sure any art lover can see, his encounters with works by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte clearly had an impact.


Since he began creating his unique paintings they have resulted in three children’s books and have been shown around the world. Take a look and let us know if Gonsalves’ gets your creativity flowing!




                                                                    Images: Rob Gonsalves Official Facebook | Huckleberry Fine Art Gallery

                                                                    Featured photo credit: The Sun Sets Sail | Rob Gonsalves via


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                                                                    Last Updated on October 15, 2018

                                                                    8 Steps to Continuous Self Motivation Even During the Difficult Times

                                                                    8 Steps to Continuous Self Motivation Even During the Difficult Times

                                                                    Many of us find ourselves in motivational slumps that we have to work to get out of. Sometimes it’s like a continuous cycle where we are motivated for a period of time, fall out and then have to build things back up again.

                                                                    A good way to be continuously self-motivated is to implement something like these 8 steps from Ian McKenzie.[1]

                                                                    Keep a Positive Attitude

                                                                    There’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstance, but you can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.

                                                                    How I see this working is while you’re developing these mental steps, and utilizing them regularly, self-motivation will come naturally when you need it.

                                                                    The key, for me, is hitting the final step to Share With Others. It can be somewhat addictive and self-motivating when you help others who are having trouble.

                                                                    The Motivation Technique: My 8 Steps

                                                                    I enjoyed Ian’s article but thought it could use some definition when it comes to trying to build a continuous drive of motivation. Here is a new list on how to self motivate:


                                                                    1. Start simple

                                                                    Keep motivators around your work area – things that give you that initial spark to get going.

                                                                    These motivators will be the Triggers that remind you to get going.

                                                                    2. Keep good company

                                                                    Make more regular encounters with positive and motivated people. This could be as simple as IM chats with peers or a quick discussion with a friend who likes sharing ideas.

                                                                    Positive and motivated people are very different from the negative ones. They will help you grow and see opportunities during tough times.

                                                                    Here’re more reasons why you should avoid negative people.

                                                                    3. Keep learning

                                                                    Read and try to take in everything you can. The more you learn, the more confident you become in starting projects.


                                                                    You can train your brain to crave lifelong learning with these tips.

                                                                    4. See the good in bad

                                                                    When encountering obstacles or challenging goals, you want to be in the habit of finding what works to get over them.

                                                                    Here are 10 tips to make positive thinking easy.

                                                                    5. Stop thinking

                                                                    Just do. If you find motivation for a particular project lacking, try getting started on something else. Something trivial even, then you’ll develop the momentum to begin the more important stuff.

                                                                    When you’re thinking and worrying about it too much, you’re just wasting time. These tried worry busting techniques can help you.

                                                                    6. Know yourself

                                                                    Keep notes on when your motivation sucks and when you feel like a superstar. There will be a pattern that, once you are aware of, you can work around and develop.


                                                                    Read for yourself how the magic of marking down your mood works.

                                                                    7. Track your progress

                                                                    Keep a tally or a progress bar for ongoing projects. When you see something growing, you will always want to nurture it.

                                                                    Take a look at these 4 simple ways to track your progress so you have motivation to achieve your goals.

                                                                    8. Help others

                                                                    Share your ideas and help friends get motivated. Seeing others do well will motivate you to do the same. Write about your success and get feedback from readers.

                                                                    Helping others actually helps yourself, here’s why.

                                                                    What I would hope happens here is you will gradually develop certain skills that become motivational habits.


                                                                    Once you get to the stage where you are regularly helping others keep motivated – be it with a blog or talking with peers – you’ll find the cycle continuing where each facet of staying motivated is refined and developed.

                                                                    Too Many Steps?

                                                                    If you could only take one step? Just do it!

                                                                    Once you get started on something, you’ll almost always just get into it and keep going. There will be times when you have to do things you really don’t want to: that’s where the other steps and tips from other writers come in handy.

                                                                    However, the most important thing, that I think is worth repeating, is to just get started.

                                                                    Get that momentum going and then when you need to, take Ian’s Step 7 and Take A Break. No one wants to work all the time!

                                                                    Featured photo credit: Japheth Mast via


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