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2x4: An Interview with Ev Bogue

2×4: One series that examines two topics, creativity and productivity, by asking those who make things on the web the same four questions on both subjects.

Right after submitting his answers, former 2×4 participant, CJ Chilvers joked that he wished he had gone the Steve Jobs route and given one word answers. Ironically, this was followed by my receiving exactly that (well at least for the first question) from today’s participant, Ev Bogue. Answers to subsequent questions were also nearly as short, sweet and to the point.

I won’t lie to you…for an instant there, I was surprised. But then I realized that the exact nature of the answers is exactly why I asked Ev to participate.

Ev is direct, clear and to the point. You can see that in his regularly email newsletter, you can see that in his posts on Google+. He’s also not a fan of the superfluous. He sheds the unnecessary even when it comes to things like a thriving blog and an active Tweet stream. Ev clearly puts as much, if not more time into choosing what he does as he does actually doing them. His words, as you will see below, are also as carefully chosen as his actions.

I could go on, but I doubt that would be in the spirit of today’s guest, so without further ado, here’s an inside look at Ev Bogue.


Have you always considered yourself a creative person?


What mediums and inspirations do you gravitate toward to realize your creative goals?

Right now I’ve been experimenting with writing for inboxes, and publishing to Google+.

If you had to point to one thing, what specific posts or creations are you most proud of and why?

I’m the most proud of working towards telling from experience this year. As a writer, this has strengthened how my work lands with my readers.

Any suggestions for those who feel they may not be creative enough to unlock their inner artist?

Show up every day. Be honest. Ask permission to contact people who are interested in your work.


Can you describe your current personal and professional responsibilities?

I write every single day to a group of readers who are interested in what I write.

How do you go about balancing the personal, professional and digital?

I don’t balance anything. I’m 100% invested in my work as a writer online. I’ve tried to take time off, but I don’t know what to do with myself.

What tools and techniques do you find yourself counting on to get through your workload?

I write with an 11” Macbook Air. I write in Scrivener. I deliver my work via Mailchimp. I connect with my readers through Gmail and using Google+.

What is the best starting point for the unproductive amongst us, who are looking to get more organized?

Hit publish on the work you’re compelled to do every single day.

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