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13 Brilliant Organization Hacks

  1. Do your necklaces keep getting tangled? String one side of your necklace through a straw and link the necklace. It won’t get tangled this way.
  2. Save your old prescription bottles and use them for storing small items, like bobby pins, vitamins for traveling, Q-Tips, etc.
  3. Have extra mason jars laying around? Use them for storing items.
  4. Cut up a plastic shoe holder for under the sink storage. Check out the picture to get a better visual idea. 
  5. You can use extra round shower rings to hold your scarves or baseball hats for storage.
  6. Or you can use shower curtain hooks to hang things, like belts.
  7. If you have thin metal hangers, use a soda can tab to hang another hanger off of the first one.
  8. Have long boots that keep drooping down? Stuff them with mismatched socks.
  9. Label boxes when you put them in storage. I get really specific on the labels- trust me you’ll thank yourself later when you’re trying to find specific items in the storage room.
  10. Use a shower ring or a carabiner to organize all of your hair ties.
  11. Use a plastic tackle box to keep batteries, jewelry, small things that need organizing.
  12. Hidden Storage Books where you can hide things, tutorial found here
  13.  Use a binder clip to keep your beers from rolling in your fridge. 

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