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15 Best Productivity Apps for Business Success

1. Evernote

If you walk away from this article not having Evernote in your pockets, I will not be happy. Evernote is the best tool you will ever come across if you use it right you will gain huge benefits from it. Evernote provides a workspace that allows you to store your notes, information, documents, files, images and much more. It’s a great location for on the go reference information and also has powerful search features. Evernote is the best one of the productivity apps I use.

2.   Todoist

Todoist is another super useful service that will allow you to manage your tasks throughout your day. Todoist is a very minimalist service with a great design across all the applications. You can create lists, email in tasks, colour code and manage tasks with friends or assign and delegate business colleagues. It’s a great app for immersion in task management and one of the best unknown productivity apps out there

3.  Sunrise

Sunrise is an opportunity to make your calendar look better on all your devices. This app takes your calendar, in my case Google Cal, and makes it beautiful, simple to interact with and syncs in real time effectively. It’s fantastic on web, iPhone and Android. .

4.  Casual.PM

Casual Project Management is a great business tool that will simply allow you to be more visual and collaborative as a team. Working on a new project is hard and sometimes you lose strands as they fly off but Casual makes sure that everything is connected and visual so you always know whats going on.

5.  Talon

Twitter is a key element for business success, the stock twitter application isn’t fantastic but Talon opens up a more productive and efficient output for your tweets. Things feel much more fluent and easier through this app, I’ve saved a lot of time using it to organize my business at events and on the go. It has a super neat design as well!

6. BufferApp

Again, you need to be on the go with your Twitter account and you need to be tweeting in your sleep. So how do you tweet in your sleep? Well, simply by using the Buffer app. It will help you to schedule your activities in all your networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more in advance. This is useful for when you are working on a service or even a product design and want to spread your awareness further on the web without doing all the real time work.

7.  Wakie

For business success you need to be waking up with purpose. If your purpose is your business, you need to be woken up in the coolest way. Wakie is the coolest way to wake up. In summary, you hear the alarm, pick up the phone and someone from around the world is there to wake you up through voice call, they get 1 full minute to get you out of bed then they are shut off. With this app you can get some awesome people waking you up from anywhere in the world with no charges. You can also repay the favor!

8.  Clean Master (Web, Android)

When you have a mid-range smartphone, you need to keep everything smooth and clean. You will need to be productive throughout your day and if your phone is slow and laggy, it will kill your speed. Also you want to seem prepared to potential clients. With this app you can share something fast which makes all the difference.

9.  Google Keep (Android, Web)

This is great for quick lists in the office, whether they are shopping lists or short meeting notes. This is a good tool that Google provides directly on your phone or over the internet.

10.  Hangouts (Android)

Get your texts and Gmail messages (Hangouts) all in one application. This is super useful when you’re getting lots of messages. Additionally video calls are the king on this. It will make your office much more remote, wether you work from a coffee shop or an open plan office, it doesn’t matter, with this app business success will happen anywhere.

11.  Google Drive (iOS, Android, Web, PC and Mac)

When you are bubbling around with lots of employees you need to keep collaborating with others a lot, Google Drive lets you create documents that you can work on together in real time. You can also store all your company’s information such as old documents, images, files and much more.

12.  DropBox

This is very similar to Google Drive. With this social and link sharing are super easy. If you have many business documents this is a great tool to have as a sharing feature that others will love. It’s simple and playful as well as being informative and useful.

13.  Slack

This is very helpful for teams! It will stop the email flow of your team and annoying attachments on other Chat services. Slack will be your business success for communicating if you have more than 3 and below 50 employees. It is genius!

14.  Freedcamp

Freedcamp is another piece of project management software that is very similar to the next app in this list Basecamp but covers a greater range of services. Project management basics and also time management focused features will make your time management a lot easier.

15.  Basecamp

Very similar to Feedcamp, Basecamp is a modern and dynamic piece of project management software that really has your client and team in mind when you are using it. It is very intuitive and easy to use. A great way to work with clients and consult with them, especially with the template feature.

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