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Where Your Priorities Lie At Work

What are your career goals? Are you focused on where you actually want to be or are you only looking at the bottom of the pyramid?

Which pyramid?

I want to direct your attention now to a diagram that will help you visualize the hopeless treadmill of any career not based on personal fulfillment. The left side of the picture below illustrates Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (published in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation), and the right side is an overlay of Herzberg’s Motivational Maintenance Model, which applied Maslow’s earlier theory toward the world of work.

Where Your Priorities Lie At Work

John Place is talking about what you’re working for. In this diagram you have immediate goals that form the base and build up to the higher needs of the pyramid. The idea is you need to accomplish each step before ‘fulfillment’.

For instance, why would you work a job only for the money? If that is fulfillment enough, then no problem. But if once you have the money situation sorted, and your work isn’t fulfilling in any sense – like Herzberg’s examples of job security and recognition – what can you look forward to?

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