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30sec Tip: When in Doubt, Don't Buy Stuff

when in doubt dont buy stuff

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When in doubt, don’t buy stuff. You’ve survived your whole life without it, so I doubt you really need it now.

He slowly counted the stack of $100 bills out loud and stopped at every thousand to confirm the number as he handed me the bills. It was a silly process but he seemed to find it useful. I wasn’t thinking about the money. I was thinking about the significance of bidding farewell to the last of my cars. He stopped counting. I signed the final paperwork. It was done. My earthly value had finally transitioned from a mass of tangible things to a list of mostly-intangibles. That was three years ago.

A finance guru would refer to my transition as one between fixed and liquid assets. I see the process as a removal of many things that distracted me from the relationships and activities that made me most happy. Sound crazy? Let’s work through it a bit and see what happens.

How Much Stuff Do You Need To Feel Happy?

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