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Treasures Lost at Sea and Where to Find Them

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Treasures Lost at Sea and Where to Find Them

Do you have dreams of finding sunken treasures, but don’t know where to look? Have you watched movies about treasures lost at sea and wondered if those types of treasures really do exist? If so, you’re in luck. This infographic outlines numerous “documented and unconfirmed treasures that are currently sitting on the ocean floor.” You can learn about the ships that carried the items, and find out where in the world you might possibly find them.

For instance, there was a Portuguese ship called the Flor de la Mar (or Flor do Mar) that sank in 1512. It was carrying all kinds of valuable items like jewelry and precious stones.

Also, you may have heard the story of King John of England losing his crown jewels. Unfortunately, his soldiers were trapped in their horse-drawn wagons by the tide in a marsh area called The Wash. The lost treasure carts, valued at over $70 million, where never recovered.

Treasures Lost at Sea Infographic

    The infographic states that the estimated total of all shipwrecked treasures is $60 billion. However, some of them may actually be more of a myth or rumor – meaning, they very well might not exist. If you had the time and resources, would you try to find some of them?

    Treasures Lost at Sea (Infographic) | Self Storage Finders

    Featured photo credit: Self Storage Finders via selfstoragefinders.com

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