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Save Money This Week

The Simple Dollar gives 10 suggestions that will help you save money this week. I tend to spend more time thinking about how to save money then actually saving money. The idea behind these tips is to get you to start saving money ASAP. The Simple Dollar recommends trying these money saving tips for a week and seeing if any of them mesh well with your lifestyle:

1. Prepare and eat every meal you can at home.
Instead of getting take out, spend this week preparing and eating meals at home. They don’t have to be anything complex, just foods you know how to prepare. You can prepare them in advance if you’d like or simply toss something together when you get home, but prepare them and eat them at home all week long.

2. Drive the speed limit.
Instead of dropping the pedal to the floor to save a few minutes, set your car’s cruise control and go the speed limit. You’ll cut down on your gas mileage a significant amount.

3. Buy generics at the grocery store.
Most people instinctively choose the non-generic name brand item, even though in many cases they’re roughly equivalent in quality. This week, buy the cheaper generics to make a point of seeing which ones you like and which ones you don’t. You’ll have a nice low grocery bill this time – and perhaps a lower bill every time in the future.

4. Entertain yourself with things you already own.
Instead of buying a DVD or a book or renting a movie, find something already on your shelf and enjoy it instead. Got a hobby? Spend some time maintaining what you already have instead of buying more.

Head over to the Simple Dollar for the rest of the tips. Do any of you have any money saving tips that can be started today? Let us know in the comments.

Ten Ways to Save Money This Week – [The Simple Dollar]

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