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Save Energy and Money: Insulate your Crawl Space

Clever dude posts an interesting article about how a poorly insulated crawl space can cause damage to your insulation and ultimately cause damage to your wallet. A poorly insulated crawl space can have very significant repercussions on your energy bills — especially in the winter months. The article covers how to identify a poorly insulated crawl space, and it shows how to make the appropriate changes to save energy and money.

How does this affect me?
If you own a crawl space, and it is not properly vented, the moisture from the ground will go directly into your insulation and floorboards. Mold will form and your flooring will begin to rot.

  • Make sure your crawl space is vented and the vents are not blocked
  • Cover your crawl space floor with heavy plastic…all the way up the foundation walls
  • Close or insulate the vents in the winter to save heating costs and you and your family from cold tootsies
  • Remember to remove or unblock the vents before the temperature begins to stay above freezing for extended
  • Be careful when working with fiberglass insulation. Wear goggles, a mask, and thick plastic or rubber gloves. Also, cover all exposed skin when working with it in your crawl space.

    Insulate your Crawl Space Properly – [Clever Dude]

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