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How To Tip Responsibility While Traveling Without Offending People


Leaving a tip is a general practice that is observed everywhere in the world.

However, the amount and the appropriate times to leave a tip varies greatly. This is because tips are tied together with the local culture of a country or city.

For more information on how to tip without offending anyone while traveling, checkout the infographic above. The information above is essential in getting by discreetly, avoiding minor disputes along the way.

Essentially, a tip is given based on the level of service an individual provides for a customer. However, tips are also given out of courtesy or respect for the task being provided. Because of this, not providing a tip can be seen as rude or as a sign that the service rendered was unsatisfactory.

What are some general guidelines you observe when it comes to tipping? Let us know what you think.

A Tourist’s Global Guide to Tipping [infographic] | Daily Infographic

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