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Find unbiased product reviews with ProductWiki

ProductWiki is a wiki (duh!) that lets users add unbiased reviews of various consumer products. The aim of ProductWiki is to have detailed, exhaustive, “straight from the consumer” reviews of consumer goods. The premise behind the site is exciting and the site is filled with many excellent reviews.

ProductWiki is a web-based product information resource, written by real people from all around the world. We’re a wiki, which is a kind of website where every user can also be a contributor to the site. Our goal is to create a comprehensive information resource that covers all products in depth. We strongly believe that there needs to exist an unbiased, accurate and community-based resource for product information.

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with a product, jump over to ProductWiki and share your opinion with the world. Alternatively, feel free to share it with your fellow readers via the comments. If ProductWiki isn’t for you, you can always give the previously mentioned ProductSifter a try.

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