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Don't Put Too Much Money Into Your Car

Putting more money into your car than the car is worth makes you look stupid.

“How can I save money?” This is the question asked by all of us not in the top 1% of rich people.

These times of economic difficulty have put us all into ‘caution mode’ regarding our spending. It is always good to check out advice on this topic every few months because it is amazing what you can eventually begin to believe is an essential expense in your life, when in fact you can relegate many things to the “optional” or “less of” list.

If you are looking for ways to drastically reduce your expenses immediately, first look at what you need to spend money on every week. And I mean really need. You don’t really need to order in food. You don’t really need to buy expensive perfume.

Building from that, you can work out how your regular expenses can be reduced. As for irregular expenses, they can also be deceptively costly in the long run. Once-off buys can also be tackled with some prudent planning and a little extra research.

And remember: a budgeted lifestyle does not mean a bad or boring one!

How Can I Save Money? 25 Tips on How to Save Money Fast

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