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23 Things You Didn't Think Were Free

23 Things You Didn’t Think Were Free have a list of 23 ‘surprising’ items you can get for free. Many are conditional, of course, and have a catch like long-lines etc. However, it does spur the question of what can you get for free now-a-days?

Particularly useful, to me, in this list is the free online courses from MIT and Apple Stores. You can’t get the degree, but knowledge is knowledge. Plus free icecream!

There’s a lot of great ways to get hold of useful items at no cost, so let’s throw some ideas around. This list is good, but I know there’s more. Maybe next week Lifehack will put together our own list.

Top of my list is – worldwide freebies.

23 Surprising Things You Can Get for Free – [RealSimple]

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