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You’ll Be Shocked To Learn How Often You SHOULD Be Cleaning These

Written by Kasturi Roy
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Clean things are comforting. The day I came to know how much my pair of earphones could stir up trouble in the depths of my mind and body, I vowed to keep then obsessively clean and squeaky. Soon I came across this cleaning frequency chart by Yumi Sakugawa which inadvertently blew my mind as well as all my free time. Who knew that bed-sheets have to be washed once a week? This was a fat, juicy tidbit to have since they reasoned that lice spread quickly and without fail. As a healthy, though slobby millennial, I do intend to keep myself louse-free in the future. Everything else said, the chart helps make the dreaded spring cleaning nicely spread out and easy-peasy.

For those who live alone or are just starting to move out of their comfy parental homes, it is a tedious job to remember to clean shower heads. Heck, I didn’t even know you had to. So the next time you feel that your house is being infested by tiny creatures who aren’t helping with the cleaning or rent, take a look at all you missed out on for the past couple of months. Don’t shy away from calling professional help when required. It can be tricky to clean a mattress, or a carpet for that matter. For your sake, we hope that you are cleaning your dishes in time.

Maybe this will prompt you to have a go at the top of a the fridge with that scrubber tonight? Honestly, who doesn’t appreciate a clean kitchen?

Read the infographic below to save yourself precious time so that you can get back to vegging out on the couch. Carpet diem.

“Have nothing in your home which you do not find to be useful or believe to be Beautiful” – William Morris

The Room to Room Professional Cleaning Tips
    Know When to Clean on your own or Call the Professionals. Carpet diem.

    Featured photo credit: Gratisography.com via dropbox.com

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