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You Can’t Be Serious: The Top 25 Weirdest Laws in the US

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You Can’t Be Serious: The Top 25 Weirdest Laws in the US

People get arrested for doing crazy things everyday, but these arrests are usually regarding laws that make sense. You know, like laws against theft, guns, murder, etc. The illogical laws on this infographic, however, are a different story; they’re sure to make you wonder what the states were thinking when they created the laws.

Just think, if you’re a woman living in Universal City, Missouri, you can’t rent an apartment with three other women because it’s illegal. Women also have it hard in Vermont because they’re not allowed to wear false teeth without their husband’s permission. Ticklish women have it made though in Virginia because it’s illegal to tickle a woman there.

In Marion, Oregon, it’s illegal to eat a doughnut and walk backwards on a city street. In Iowa, men with mustaches aren’t allowed to kiss women in public. These are just a few of the 25 weirdest laws in the US that you’ll find listed below.

The Top 25 Weirdest Laws in the US Infographic

    After reading through these pretty ridiculous laws, which ones are you most surprised about and which ones do you think are the most absurd?

    25 of the Weirdest Laws in the U.S. | Top Criminal Justice Schools

    Featured photo credit: Top Criminal Justice Schools via top-criminal-justice-schools.net

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