Workout At Night Safely Using A Bright Light Beacon

Workout At Night Safely Using A Bright Light Beacon

One of the leading cause of deaths during a jog is due to lack of visibility.

This can easily be prevented by running with a light. Unfortunately, carrying a light around is not convenient. Furthermore, a small LED light can be obstructed just by pointing it in the wrong direction.

If you’re looking for a smart and powerful light to accompany you during those long night runs, try the Beacon.

At first glance, it’s bendable, bright and wearable. You can twist it, fold it and even wrap it around your leg.

    But that’s not all this smart light can do. The Beacon has a built in accelerometer, which changes lights as a biker or runner is slowing down. This is let the car behind a jogger know when to stay alert.

    You can also program the lights to change colors or blink as a SMS message or call comes in.

    Highly recommended!

    BEACON by LumaGlo | Kickstarter

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    Published on May 28, 2021

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