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Wine Blending: Sacrilege or Genius?

Depending on what kind of company you keep, mixing bottles of wines may be the worst possible pastime.

Those who pride themselves on knowing a good wine will no doubt throw their nose up at the idea of a wine mash-up, but the rest of us love the idea of learning more while having a little fun.

My new favorite site, BuzzFeed, put together a little collection of articles about the process, the good and bad of mixing wines.

Australians Enjoy Blending Shiraz and Viognier

“…but few realize that even when a bottle is emblazoned with the name of just one grape – cabernet sauvignon, say – the labyrinthine regulations of EU labeling law allow that only 85% of the wine has to be made from it. The remaining 15% could be anything, and you don’t have to declare it.”

Sampling Blends – Some Successful, Others Not So

“One man blends his way to the perfect bottle of wine”

Make Your Own Rosé

A Blending Calculator for Adjusting Alcohol Content

The Napa Valley Wine Blending & Tasting Kit

I think, if you aren’t exactly a wine connoisseur, this is a great way to train your taste buds for wine. Get a group of friends together and start mixing. Think of it as a poor-man’s cocktail party.

Wine Blending – [BuzzFeed]

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