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Food and Drink

Who Controls The Food You Eat?

Food Conglomerates_Infographic_Final 2

The team at Finances Online have created an infographic that explores the reality behind the food we buy from the supermarket. This infographic reveals the multinational corporations that own everything from beer to cheese.

For instance, Kraft owns at least one brand in 22 food categories, including mayonnaise, meat, fruit drinks and coffee.  Nestle – who I have personally always associated with chocolate milk alone – actually owns pizza, baby food and pet food, amongst a bunch of other stuff.

Do you think big companies have too much power over what we eat? I recommend watching documentaries such as Food Inc. if you’re interested in finding out just how much control huge companies – some of which you may be surprised at – have over out groceries.

Why Freedom Of Choice Is Just An Illusion | Finances Online

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