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Food and Drink

Where Does Unhealthy Food Come From?


Not sure if what you’re eating is healthy? This infographic can help you out.

Unhealthy foods that contain preservatives and chemicals can destroy your body.

Trans-fat, and MSG are some of the processed items that are highlighted in the visual. Just by reading the label, you can avoid these types of foods.

Everyone knows to steer clear from soda and desserts. But what about sauces? Are you piling huge amounts of ketchup on your fries? Ketchup is known to contain high fructose corn syrup, which is the same type of sugar found in sodas.

After reading this infographic, you may think twice about your consumption of common household foods and condiments.

Staying healthy goes beyond weight loss. In order to function to one’s full capacity, it is important to consider other harmful products that can disrupt your digestion, mental skills and overall endurance.

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