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Food and Drink

What shape is a waffle?

You have seem square waffles. You have seen round waffles. You have see seen waffles with bites taken out of them. But have you ever seen these waffle shapes?

A waffle that looks like a zoo?  OK, not like a whole zoo, but like a zoo animal?  Along with other zoo animal buddies?

Zoo animals waffles
A waffle that shoots blanks (but could still get you in trouble in some jurisdictions)?

waffle gun


A keyboard waffle, that won’t last long enough to finish typing your next email?  But at least it won’t short out if you “accidentally put butter or syrup on it.

keyboard waffle

A waffle that’s not quite as big as the State of Texas, but looks a lot like a Mini Me of the state.

Texas waffle

Pooh waffles?  Winnie, that is, and Tigger, too.


Winnie The Pooh Waffles
Disney waffles?  C’mon, they’re cute.

Disney waffles



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