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What Makes Up Your Favourite Movie?

Written by Siobhan Harmer
Siobhan is a passionate writer sharing about motivation and happiness tips on Lifehack.
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Canadian cartoonist John Atkinson seems to understand movies more than the average viewer, in fact he’s even made a comic that illustrates the formulas that build your favourite blockbusters. For example, action movies begin with a world-weary cop or military man, throw in a villain with a heavy accent, and usually end with explosions and AC/DC. Are you thinking Die Hard? James Bond movies? Atkinson’s formula seems pretty accurate! Check out the rest of the genres:

Anatomy Of Films


    The sci-fi formula has to be my favourite: technobabble, CGI, angry aliens, more CGI and John Williams? Sounds about right.

    Do you agree with these movie breakdowns? Which is your favourite movie genre: are you a horror person or do you prefer art house? In fact, which is your favourite genre of movie in general?

    Anatomy Of Films | Wrong Hands

    Featured photo credit: Mark Nye via flickr.com

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