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Watch What Would Happen To You If You Stopped Sleeping

Ahh, the question out of curiosity!

We all do it, still we think we that we haven’t get enough of it. But still did you ever wondered how long can you survive without sleeping? What will happen if you stop sleeping at once?

For the fact, Randy Gardner has the record of longest period of time withought sleeping for around 11 days. But scientists later on found that it did not caused any long-term damage other than tiredness.

But if you really want to know what happens while you don’t sleep for long spells of days; then here’s an Awesome Video from guys at AsapSCIENCE. They examined what happens to the body though their funny anime video.

Usually it takes around 3 days of sleep deprivation to cause hallucination. If you go for longer strech of time, then automatically these symptoms would get worsen and your health getting more than worse. Otherwise, it takes around a week or two to make a person dead. Even rats are lead to death, without sleeping, which proves the importance of sleeping.

Therefore, Sleep TIGHT!

Source : ASAPScience

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