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Watch How Many Of These 30 Life Hacks You Heard Actually Work

You read a lot of “Hey! That’s cool!” stuff here on LifeHack, stuff that can make a big difference in your life, impress you friends or just make you say “Hey! That’s cool!”

But not every life hack you read works as well as some do.  John Green of Mental Floss grabbed 30 life hacks from around the Internet and put them to the test.

He passed19 of them and failed 11 of them.

Interesting to note is that some of them were ones you probably already know from personal experience.  Most people discover early in life that reheating leftovers leaves the middle cold, so moving all the food to the edge of the plate (with a hollow in the middle) makes for even cooking.  And who has not discovered that a half bottle of ice topped with tap water gives you ice cold water to drink?  Right, that’s what ice cubes are all about.

Noteworthy is John’s quote that, “The Internet does know a thing or two about eating chips.”  He said this after testing two life hacks with a Doritos bag … and before setting his studio on fire with the contents of that bag.

Here is the full video:

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