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This Is Your Body On Anxiety


About seven years ago, I began seeing someone due to a long-term struggle I’d been having with my anxiety. At first, my anxiety was only triggered when in uncomfortable social situations, however it soon became all social situations. During my time at university I began to get anxious when travelling on public transport and eventually even when preparing to leave the house, so much so that I often simply stayed home instead of having to battle the anxiety.

Whether you have experienced anxiety on a long-term scale like I and many others have, or you experience it as an immediate reaction to stressful situations, anxiety can change and harm your body. Your heart, lungs, stomach, brain and immune system are all compromised when you deal with anxiety due to the physical reaction to the emotion. If you believe your anxiety is becoming a health hazard, it is highly recommended that you visit a doctor.

How Anxiety Influences Your Health | The Huffington Post

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