This Is How The Toilet Of The Future Will Look Like

This Is How The Toilet Of The Future Will Look Like

Its inventors promise the Iota (that’s how they call this toilet) uses 50% less water compared to one we’re used to, a stationary one. Two British students,  many believe have invented the toilet of the future. One that folds in each and every use. If price is not an issue, for sure, I would prefer an Iota. There are two obvious advantages of choosing this rock star toilet, (1) it’s a space saver (2) the design is rimless, meaning–it’s easier to clean.

According to Design Boom, Gareth Humphreys and Elliott Whiteley, designed and crafted the toilet as a final school project at the University of Huddersfield.

Iota occupies a small space and is a breeze to clean. 

future toilet gif

    It’s convenient to use and flushes in closed position.  

    toilet of the future gif

      Have a sneaky peak at how it works on the inside.

      inside toilet of the future gif

        Want to have more info about this little wonder? Watch the video: 

        Featured photo credit: Iota – Folding Toilet/University of Huddersfield via

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